By ninniex

"Thoughts of Pinocchio"..........

is the title of this sculpture by Bongsoo Kim from South Korea.
 It is one of the many sculptures and installations in this year's Sculptures by the Sea at Cottesloe Beach.

I was there just after 6:00 this morning, not because of sunrise (there was none) but to beat the crowds. It was a lovely, calm, grey morning. Not too hot which is a change from the past few days.
It's been a strange day - very still now, quite humid and the odd raindrop. I wish it would just pour!!!

The munchkins, parents and dog left this afternoon. The Driver and I were in prone positions on sofas for a couple of hours after they departed...........
I love them dearly but........we do get tired ;-))))

I think we are off south again tomorrow after golf because, well, we can :-))

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