By RealSandee

Lovely day

Today I went to Starbucks from my brothers's and had a coffee, read the local newspapers and then I went to my grand-ma and grand-aunty for a chat and for lunch. They made riz casimir (basically, it's curry with chicken, rice, sweet cherries and dry fried bananas and pineapples). After that we went to a castle: Château de Gruyère (that's where the cheese gruyere is coming from). We had a wander around (see picture), drunk a coffee at the H.R. Giger Museum Bar. Additional picture.
I was driving. After this coffee we went to a mountain called Moléson. Lovely but cold up there (people were still skiing).
After this quick visit I drove to my Godfather's. Once there E opened the door (she's my cousins' cousin). We had a quick chat and then she left and I waited for my Godfather. As soon as he arrived we went to his depot where he has a wee office, a big truck (Scania) and other machines. We bought a fondue moitié moitié just next to his depot.
Once home at his, his wife (my aunty), and two of his sons (E and V) with their girlfriends joined us for dinner. We had a lovely evening. My Godfather brought me to my dad's where we had a coffee (I drank water).
Went to bed around midnight.

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