By rmeinz

Ct.down minus 9

After 168 years of trading, the local shipyard will close on March 15th, losing up to 300 jobs including those of suppliers. The clouds of doom are gathering as skilled workers will have to go elsewhere and new workers will not be attracted into the area.
One of its carpenters used to live across the road and both his children and ours used to keep guinea pigs. When more hutches were needed, he kindly volunteered to make a stairway ramp between hutches so that we could stack hutches on top of another. His workmanship was amazing, the ramps even having strips of sandpaper for their pads to grip and their claws to have natural abrasion. It is easy to be flippant and say the loss of such skills will mean Guinea pigs will have to live in single storey dwellings, but skills will not come back, once lost.
A rather dark pic. for a gloomy topic but hopefully it fits the wide wednesday industry theme tirelessly hosted by BobsBlips.

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