The Nature Reserve

I opt to park in one of the further away car parks at work - because it is good for me to walk. The car park is in a little valley, 36 steep steps down (or up in the morning). I choose to park at the far end, where the car park ends and a small nature reserve, pictured here, is. At one side of the valley is a railway line. It isn't landscaped, its just wild land. There is a path, and seems to be used by dog walkers. 

It was raining when I drove to work. Its been a full on day, I was at a series of performance meetings. Really interesting day, and a great way to really find out what is happening in the organisation. At the end, I came away, and looking towards the nature reserve was bright. The other direction was pitch black with dark grey clouds. I took the shot, got in the car, and the storm then hit, within seconds of me getting in the car. I was so lucky. 

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