Thannk you very much for the Aintree Iron.....

Look at this; isn't it spectacular. 

Let me tell you - this little girl's mummy wrote 45 invitations to a birthday party.  She had one response.  She put the same invite on social media and everyone responded. 

Himself and I made a birthday cake and cup cakes for her -  and this.... three days after the party - with Norovirus hitting inbetween, we got this beautiful thank you letter. 

- Look at the drawing.  That is EXACTLY what the cake looked like. 

This is how to bring up your children.  Properly .   beautiful kids she has.  beautiful. 

Here's another thing - my song lyric today, I was thinking what song said thank you and that one popped into my head from my youth.  I remember "making up the lyrics" For the Aintree Iron... but always thought I was making it up.   

Then I looked it up - and asked the question what does it mean.....

The lead singer of the Scaffold, Paul McCartney's brother, said Brian Epstein, the Beatles' Manager was from Aintree, and he was a known homosexual - rhyming slang "Iron Hoof".   They were saying thank you for Brian Epstein, the "iron hoof from AIntree".  

Wow.  How the hell did we every live without Google??? 

However I want you to bear in mind, very seriously....... Write Thank you Letters.

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