By JohnW

Hi and Dry

I just had to blip this one.  If I could have kept my eyes open I would have blipped it last night.
Boathouse 4 (Historic Dockyard) combines a splendid restaurant above an exhibition of small boat building/restoration.  This launch is suspended close to the walk-way and when I saw it hanging there I immediately thought ‘Blip’!
The inset shows that it thinks that it is the “Ark Royal”.  I think that it has delusions of grandeur . . .  (In truth it ended its service life as the Captain’s/Admiral’s  launch on the “Ark Royal”.)
It was quite an achievement getting Mrs W’s mobility scooter up to the level of the walk-way/Restaurant.  They had installed a small mobility lift with the lower and top doors at right angles.  This meant a multi-point turn combined with manual lifting to get it out, then back in at the top.
We started the day up the Spinnaker.  Easy lift access for Mrs W up to the top viewing/café, but I braved the stairs up to the very top view point which they proudly describe as a garden.  See extra!
As you may have noticed I am well behind with commenting, but I will catch up very shortly.

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