By DonnaWanna

Abstract Thursday - It Rained!

It actually rained a bit overnight and then another little bit this morning. It was light and feathery and deliciously cool as i walked along but it was short lived and gone within half an hour.

I noticed that the grass flowers had caught some of the drops so i took a couple back to the office and gave them a good spray and sat them in a bowl of water and got a couple of abstract ‘rain’ shots ;o). Fake rain you could say! LoL

I’m absolutely frazzled and worn out tonight. The day has been so busy with many customers coming and going and leaving no time to do important paperwork jobs aaarghgh!!! I’m heading to the bed to lay down my head and dream of something other than work!! Nighty night blippers, catch up tomorrow night! Xxx

Big thanks to Ingeborg for hosting ;o)xx

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