By norfolkdoc

Greater flamingo

Today was a total contrast to yesterday.  Overcast, drizzle, even some proper rain, the temperature barely reached 20C.  It was also VERY windy.  Not that I'm complaining, you understand, except about the wind. 

We drove to the coast, to the West Coast National Park, and saw lots of wildlife.    Immediately after driving in, we were treated to the sight of a black harrier skimming the ground searching for prey.  Shortly after, we stopped to admire some ostrich, and caught a glimpse of a little buck - possibly a duiker.  

Then some little ground birds were in the road.  They looked a rather nondescript brown, and we thought they might be difficult to identify, so we stopped to take photos, but didn't wait to look them up.  In fact, once we did, we quickly identified them as Cape spurfowl, and in fact on close examination of the photo, they are really rather attractive birds (1st extra).

Then we came across some Eland.

Eventually we reached the restaurant and stopped by for coffee and cake.  Whilst we were there it came on to rain quite hard for a while.  We were gently amused by the poor guys trying to erect a shelter behind the restaurant in the wind and rain

It was still drizzling as we walked to the nearby bird hide, where we were treated to the sight of large numbers of wading birds - flamingos, sacred ibis, and many more.

As we walked back to the car, we saw some bontebok having a little tiff (2nd extra).

We continued to drive through the Park, coming across a small tortoise at the side of the road, many more wading birds in a 2nd bird hide, and several small groups of eland.  All in all, an excellent day.  

As we drove home, the weather was improving, but the cloud formation in the 3rd extra was special.

Edit - I've combined the extras into a collage

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