By hildasrose

The Lone Rider

Back on the sculpture trail today, finishing off a few pieces in Wolverhampton on what turned out to be a very wet and miserable day.  When we left home this morning, we were full of optimism that the sun would come out.  It didn't!

There is an area just outside Wolverhampton City Centre on the edge of the Ring Road St John's, Penn Road and Dudley Street which was originally an area of car and motorbike production.  The Sunbeam factory was there and there are many reminders of the original work undertaken in the area in the artwork around.

The Lone Rider Sculpture is actually on the site which now houses Waitrose.  The original building there was the AJS Motorcycle factory and this very modern, slightly intimidating picture of a motor biker nestles in the bushes.  A pity it couldn't have a bit more space around it.

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