Rocky Mountain Moments

By pipersmom

Tunnel Vision

Piper had her annual exam, lab work and shots today.  I always ask them to do everything in the room instead of taking her "in the back".  She was a very good girl and the vet thought she looked great.  We'll have test results in a few days.  So...I told you that because I made this fractal on my phone while we were in the waiting room.  Then, when we got home, I photographed the phone screen in a dark room.  The extra is a color version of my blip but Pipersdad and I both liked the mono version better.  Many thanks to Ingeborg for continuing to host Abstract Thursdays!

Thank you very much for all your visits and stars and hearts today!  They are all appreciated! 

I am grateful that Piper was pretty mellow about being poked and prodded today.  She really doesn't mind going to the vet.....especially when she is rewarded with a big beef marrow bone. :-)

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