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By HarlingDarling

Winter is back!

This is our neighbour Göte clearing the snow that had poured down all night I think. This was around 10 in the morning, and as it snowed right through till 4 there is an equally deep layer there again. I love the snow against the darkness of the red house, and the snow hanging in the trees is so incredibly bright and pretty. A big fat shame this wasn't on offer when Isaac and Eleanore were here just days ago - slithering on sheet ice!

I spent time doing admin for my company and then translating a tricky text. The trickier they are the longer they take, but I'm enjoying winding up the elastic band that runs my brain, and seeing that it can in fact get up to speed. I love working with language, sorting out the puzzle is so satisfying. How I ever did anything like this before internet I can't imagine, it is so easy to check the frequency of a word or phrase, to find synonyms and even to let Google translate do some of the initial leg work. 

Went out into the world of whiteness late afternoon and dug down to the cellar, from the house to the cars, and all around the cars. It was minus 2°C so the snow weighed tons and was sticky rather than gliding along. Hard work, the white gym indeed. Keith cleared the rooves that the builder will have to climb up on Monday when our wood-burning stove is being installed. (exciting) He then cleared the boat house tent and we were both pretty well pumped out after that. It's a lot harder work when you aren't 100%...

I spent a happy interlude at Betty's, covering notebooks with beautiful marbled paper I made some time ago. I love the colours and the intricate patterns, the tiny spots of colour - the paste papers are very different in feel, they are more direct and more even, perhaps a bit more clumsy rather than delicate. I love them too! I will soon be meeting friends in the UK and a supply of gifts is essential.

I learnt a new way to cast off knitting so that the edge is pretty but also loose. I had unpicked the bottom edge of a hat I made because the wool was too scratchy. A right fiddle that was, but now all is well and the hat can be worn, by me or some other lucky person. It's a black-based rainbow striped hat, I mean to say - how fabulous is that?!

False modesty, what is the point really?

It's international women's day today, and there has been a fair bit on the radio, in the papers. I wish it was unnecessary to insist that women are humans and entitled to the same rights as other humans. sweden is one of only 6 countries in the whole world where women have the same legal rights as men. What the **** is that about? I think we know the gender of the people who thought that one up.

Evidence of my labours in the white gym: here.

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