I love seeing the dawn rise as I drive to work. The question is always where to stop, of the limited options available, to get the best picture. Today I rather cheekily briefly stopped by someone's drive. Its not officially a stopping place, but you can pull off the road because its part of a strip of entrances linked by a sort of slip road bit. But there was a reason, and this picture is it. I see the sun rise over the powerstation, and with the clouds, it is really rather stunning.

Good day. I've been reviewing a document, agenda setting and having a one to one with my boss. All good stuff. 

Bit of a shock on the way home. Something must have fallen off a vehicle in front of me on the motorway. I suddenly saw something in the road in front, went straight over and it was clearly metal. I need to check the underneath of the car tomorrow to check if there was any damage. 

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