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By rsdphotography

Bus Ride From Hell

I have taken the overnight bus from Zihuatanejo to Guadalajara at the start of my SOB week for six years running. Never have I had such a horrendous trip. It started with the fact our bus was full, even though only four people got on in Zihuatanejo. Lots of kids, one who was sitting in my window seat. Rather than make him move (to his mom's lap) I took the aisle seat behind. Aisle seats are harder to sleep in, but I was resigned to my predicament (and my seat mate was more petite than usual). Then an hour and half up the road, we came to a dead stop. The driver came up to tell us something, but it was clear by the long line of traffic the road was closed. We sat for at least two hours before traffic started moving, in stops and starts, again. This caused me stress as I had to make a airline connection in Guadalajara and now, by my calculations, it was going to be touch and go. To top everything off, instead of taking the relatively smooth toll roads, we took the back way along a twisty, turny road that made it impossible to sleep (especially on the aisle). This photo shows the local militia taking donations from the line of traffic following our huge double decker bus along this torturous path. Funny that there is a state police vehicle in the shot. I wonder if they gave a donations. The only saving grace was that I did make my flight!

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