Plus ça change...

By SooB

Lazy Susan

Today didn’t start out lazy: up at 5 to drive Mr B to the airport. But once home I went straight back to bed and, buzzed from 5 am coffee and driving, indulged in Netflix for an hour or so before a quick nap.

That rather set the tone: aside from a trip out for some essential supplies, and to post a letter threatening legal action (a builder has run off with my cash; or died, but I suspect the former) the rest of the day passed in a slow stream of reading papers and binge-watching stuff with the kids. Pizza for dinner.

And I have started some overly ambitious knitting. I don’t really understand what happens when I get to the top of this chart, but I’m hoping it will become clear when I get there tomorrow.

TallGirl kept up her record of running every day, with her brother today instead of her Dad, who has sensibly flown off to make beer in London and have a break from the exercise routine.

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