Moments in a minor key

By Dcred


Its been twenty five years since we lived in Ripon, you can see our old house in one of the extra photos, no, not the white one, I wish!
We were on the cards to go to Northallerton and Dearest asked a couple of my old dears to go with us, Nancy, in red had, never been to the town and Jeanne use to live in Ripon, as a treat we pulled in for coffee on the way and I took these and a few more snaps. The Spa Gardens hold some lovely memories for me as most weekend once my lad and I had finished our Sunday swim in the Spa Baths we would sit outside the Sun Parlour Cafe for our lunch before deciding on what adventure to undertake in the afternoons. Our two friend certainly enjoyed their afternoon and as can be seen we had the blessing of a blue sky above us even if it was a bit breezy!

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