Eremocoris fenestratus

Because I've spent so much time sorting though leaf litter this winter I've had the opportunity to become familiar with the Lygaeidae (Groundbugs), having found them in pretty much every sample I've examined. I like their understatedness, but of them all Eremocoris fenestratus probably has the most interesting story. Historically known only from the Chilterns and associated with juniper, this species was thought to be extinct before reappearing in the London area in 2010. They are usually found under cypresses and are probably the result of horticultural introduction from the continent. I find mine under a large conifer in a churchyard. Known to have reached as far north as Northamptonshire, this is the first record for VC55, albeit only 5 miles north of southamptonsire, as I think of it. 

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