Gillipaw's Journal

By Gillipaw

Songs around the Piano

Enjoyed a session of Christmas Carols and seasonal songs around the piano. I have decided I really need to get to grips with my flashgun. I've hardly used it, I find it so complicated.

Mixed results to be honest. Some of the singing was in a church. A very high dark ceiling, so I had to point the flash at the performers. Loads of red eye. This one was taken in a hall, bouncing the flash off the lighter coloured wall.

Deacon Blue concert last night was just the best. Tight set, they are all such talented writers and musicians. Glasgow Royal Concert Hall was packed out, and I enjoyed every minute, singing along to all the golden oldies, and several songs from the new "Hipsters" album. The highlight had to be Ricky Ross conducting around 2,500 of us singing Dignity. I sang backing vocals on a track on one of his early solo albums ... that was "So long ago".

Glad you liked my heron shot yesterday, I was rather pleased with it too.

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