By Terrifo


Body Balance this morning, with a bit of excitement at the end of class when there was an announcement of the tannoy that there was a fire and we were to leave the building, as I was already heading down the stairs I kept going. Nobody seemed to know what was going on, as the alarm went off and stopped, and were milling in reception, my friend and I were just outside. Must be honest I was waiting for the fire engine for a blip! We then heard the Manager saying it was a false alarm and everyone could go back.

So after lunch, and a bit of paperwork, I went along to Fremington Quay for a short walk. It stayed dry which was good but the wind is still cold. The forecast is not very good for the rest of the week with talk of 60mph winds hitting us, so stay safe all our UK blippers, and our European neighbours.  Off to get dinner. See you later.

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