Riding back home

Yesterday I rode to London for the reunion of the 303rd Craft Apprentice entry and passed over Vauxhall Bridge and managed to get some video, and created a still, of the SIS building. Nice to see the old office again from my days when I was the real James Bond!
Today I rode home and due to roadworks and diversions I crossed the Thames via Westminster bridge so got the Palace of Westminster and 'Big Ben', which we all know is not the clock itself but the large bell that is included in the famous chimes.
The tower that houses 'Big Ben' and the clock is actually the Elizabeth  Tower. It was renamed from just the 'Clock Tower' in honour of Her Majesty achieving 60 years of rule in 2012.

However, I thought I would use this still that I took while sitting at traffic lights, another great landmark in the theatre life of London, the Old Vic theatre. 
I never know my directions in London so thank goodness for my sat nav. It was quite a surprise when I stopped at the lights and had the Old Vic right in front of me.

Video of the journey home, with 99% of the M4 ride cut out as well as the A419/A417 as it's not very exciting apart from the couple of minutes I used.

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