By debsdad

Blue Tit

The Blue Tits like to grab a nut from the feeder and the eat it in the safety of the tree. 
Been a right mess around day. As the weather didn't look good we decided to go and collect my cousins key which I dropped on the caravan site last week. We got about 1/3 of the way and found the road closed  and no diversion marked so we had to turn back and find another route. Got the key and came home the long way around all in all we only did an extra 20 miles or so but it took an extra hour.
When we got home we decided to go to the garden centre for lunch. This afternoon I went to visit my cousin in hospital he is still improving but it looks as if he will be in the rest of the week.
Still no Blip so half an hour looking at the feeders through the window and I have several decent pictures.
Rain and high winds most of the day now quite cool but I may just go for a walk around the village.

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