Fork and the road

Today's theme for Kramer's Eye is forks that you don't eat from, from pitch forks and devil's forks to forks in the road. I held our old meat fork with its wicked points in front of one of my archived images of a fork in the road (Tervuren, Belgium, Zonienwoud), I think I was thinking about cross roads and the devil songs ;-)
Made me think of this brilliant one, just makes me smile when I look at the video.

Probably wild enough for Wild Wednesday with thanks to Cailleach for hosting.

The optional theme for tomorrow's Abstract Thursday Challenge is : Abstract !! You will think I'm going a bit crazy, but here's what I mean: please show me in a shot, faffed, fartnarkled or without any extra editing what 'abstract' in photography means to you, what's the first thing that comes to mind when you think about abstract photography? I realise it's not easy, but it's optional anyway and you can always resort to what you would do for Abstract Thursday if there's no theme ! The tag will be AT194. Looking forward to your favourite kind of abstracts!

Thanks so much for your kind comments and stars for yesterday's oats :-)

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