Busy Bees

It has been another hot day. The temperature was 32c when I left Akaora this afternoon.. too hot for me. The Bumblebees were loving it and buzzing around all day.

I didn't get as much as I wanted to do in Akaora in the short time I was there. Just as well I did go over as my poor pot plants on the deck area were just about dead. The man that sometimes water's them...hadn't, so they were a sorry sight. Hopefully I managed to save the Geraniums but lost the other plants.

While I was away I got a call from my youngest son .. the one I am going to the UK with in June. Our flight has been cancelled. They didn't get enough people to fill the flight. So we are flying out two days later. My son was going to get that flight but it was $400 more so went for the cheaper one.. so he is pleased as the Friday fight suits him better and for no extra cost. Just makes our holiday two days shorter.  

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