Desperately seeking

By clickychick


I had a quick trip into town this morning to pick up an inexpensive red jumper and scarf to wear for a funeral to go along with the family's theme. Red isn't my colour, though I have an inherited jacket I could have worn in summer. So now for the nails! Where's mum's red nail varnish? She's be astonished to see me with bright red nails! She'd say "Shame they're so short !", but she had a life as a clerk and was always filing and varnishing hers. I live an outdoorsy/crafty sort of life and just cannot keep mine long!

The afternoon was our fortnightly trip to a garden centre, I'd swapped cars since this morning. Guess who forgot to transfer her camera bag! Lucky The Man has his camera with him for blipping!

I just love scabious but they don't grow well for me. What I do hope grows is a Senecio. I blipped one on Saturday in Edinburgh. I liked it so much, I later wished I'd bought it so I got one today.

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