Plus ça change...

By SooB


Everyone in our family loves packaging.  We (minus Mr B) are the crazy folk who save boxes because they might be useful for sending something in, and carefully pick sellotape off bubble wrap for re-use (or popping).  I have guilty stashes of packaging materials all over the house.  Occasionally Mr B finds them and throws them out...

This pile of wood shavings was packing (very effectively) some plants that arrived through the mail the other day.  After verifying (by eating some) that it really was wood (I may be going too far in the lengths I will go to for these rabbits...), they were let loose in a big box of the stuff.  After a slow start (they do not adapt well to change) Piper made burrows and even Joey had a bit of a dig.

Meanwhile, Westminster.  Hell in a handcart.

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