Health city- Cayman Island

The last time I was in the Cayman Islands some years ago they were talking about granting permission to an Indian doctor to set up an offshore medical ship to carry out organ transplants and state of the art surgery.
Well, the ship never happened. Instead they built Health City on the eastern edge of the island in 2014.
Today it offers state of the art medicine at an affordable price to meet the global demand for health tourism.
Well, that is the official line. I had hoped to visit it today but it was an hour’s drive from Georgetown. Instead I chatted to some locals. Is it really that affordable? Depends what you compare it to, they say.
It has an international clientele and specialises in heart, organ transplants and orthopaedics.
What is not in any doubt is that health tourism is a rapidly expanding global market estimated to be between 15-25 per cent a year.
And the Cayman Islands, with a population the same size as our small town of Stirling, want a piece of this economic boom.
Photo: classic American school buses in Georgetown.

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