By spannarama

Spring in his step

Which is more than I had this morning.  Still feeling pretty rough, though think my hot bath and early night did me good last night.  I got on the train this morning intending to change at London Bridge, then looked up as it was pulling into Charing Cross - I had not only missed London Bridge, but Waterloo East as well.  I always seem to end up doing things like that when I'm not well!

Caught the train back to Waterloo East, then the tube to Bank, then walked to work from there - very late - again!

Had a good day at work after that though, and felt a bit better as the day went on.  Even ventured out to M&S at lunch with Char - and was good and productive at work.

Brexit still going well, I see, with more baffling votes in the Commons.  Yesterday they voted (just) to reject no-deal, yet legally we have to leave with no deal on the 29th if one hasn't been agreed - and today Steven Barclay voted against the PM's motion he had just spoken in favour of.

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