By Artyfartyannie

Abstract for Thursday

hosted by Ingeborg who asks us what we think abstract is supposed to be according to what we think in photography. I come from background of painting and did my final work at art school in Glasgow with large abstract work. I might post one of my works in extra which was liked by the tutors and I thought that it worked well too. So I say that "Abstract' should not attempt to represent reality and should depend on shape form colour and line and this photo in my blip is an example of what I might expect to see as Abstract. I'm not saying it works fully and it would be a matter of taste if you liked it or not. Possibly there could be a degree of visual references but not obvious ones in my interpretation anyway. Maybe you could call the ones which are obvious references of some thing, done in an abstract way, semi abstract. See how opinionated I can be !!!!! but the rules might be different in Photography.

Anyway spent some time shopping today with himself. We do not like shopping together but needs must today. He gets bored and I take a very long time and have a million plans. Today was no exception. Then we went to see "Green Book" the film with our daughter and it was absolutely fabulous It was a real feel good film with great acting. Go see if you want to feel uplifted. Extra shot will show you the quaint cinema we went to see it in not far from here. Fabulous also............ I might not find a picture of my work for extra as I am dealing with this new Macintosh Computer. I can but try.

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