A walk in the park

Cosmo looks back to check if I have seen that very large dog a little way in front of us. Well yes I have! If it is the one I think it is we will just wait to see which way it goes, then we will choose a different path. Cosmo gets on well with most dogs whatever size they are. There is one large Collie (a fairly close neighbour) with which there may be a bit of friction.

So we did choose a different route to the park and met several friendlier dogs. The Collie may be perfectly friendly for all I know, but Cosmo is having none of it. When we pass the owner has to restrain the Collie, and I try to persuade Cosmo to behave in a polite way, rather than in a slightly challenging manner.

Clear blue skies today, but a gusting and chilly wind. The few daffodils I saw were looking rather challenged by the wind.

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