An ordinary life....

By Damnonii


The social whirl that is this week continues...

Friends Keith and Mairi arrived just after 12.30.  Keith isn't very sure about dogs so of course Lola was most attracted to him.  She was on her best behaviour though and within minutes had him charmed.  They've not seen her since she was a very young puppy when she was really bouncy, so they were surprised how calm she was.

Leaving Lola with Alan and Ally, we heard to Broadslap Farm coffee shop.  Keith and Mairi have heard us talking about it and were keen to try it out, not just for themselves, but as somewhere they may take Keith's elderly mum for lunch and a day out.

The weather can only be described as changeable!  Blue skies and sunshine one minute and almost dark, torrential rain and windy the next.  Thankfully we timed our visit to Broadslap perfectly and managed to avoid getting soaked.

We had a lovely lunch and long overdue catch up with very good food, followed by very good coffee :-))

Home in time for D to go swimming with Alan and me to doze off read my book.

Have now had dinner, watched an episode of Young Sheldon (love it! :-) and about to make the meringue for tomorrow's pavlova.

Happy weekend blip pals :-)

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