Every now and again I find in this town something I have never seen before... I went to a small exhibition in the Byre today (didn’t like it) and on the way back to South Street, noticed this stone carving set in the corner wall of the 16th century building. I’m wondering why I’ve never seen it until now....

I was looking to see if there was a climate change demo by the school pupils, the obvious (to me) place being at the Madras College, but it seems they gathered outside St Salvatore’s in North Street. I meta friend who was looking to support the demo too, we were puzzled that I one knew where it was.

Later. I posted on FB to see if anyone had an answer, & got the following from Jane Ann Liston, a local councillor, so thanks to her.

“There's a book 'Carved Stones of St Andrews', I believe; try that. Could be from the Cathedral or the old St Johns. A historian thought that the one in Baker Lane, now alas very worn and covered up by vegetation, could be a representation of King Death from there.

Apparently stones being reused were often turned round, so the unworn side was on the inside of the building, so that the wall of the room was even, leaving the outer one plus any carving of course on the outside.”

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