A Great horned Owl - In the Wild! Awesome day...

With just 4 hours of sleep and a stair master workout at work (moved a few dozen trailers with getting in an out of the truck) along with 3 local customer deliveries.. although I was tired, I needed some salt water therapy.. 

I headed down to the local Wildlife Refuge just 13 miles south of work.. I had planned to just sit at the visitors center (and the fresh water pond) to see what I could see but the salt water was calling me.. After a good rest, I headed out on the 4 mile hike along the water.. Oh the birds and critters that I saw.. I am adding three extra for just some of the birds..

At the three mile point my body was a bit upset at me as I am not as young as I once was.. Resting a bit another photographer stopped to chat. As we were talking about what we were seeing he mentioned he saw 2 Great Horned Owls on the backside of the main path.. That meant an extra half mile walk but was more than enough incentive to go for it..

Sure enough while walking the long way I saw a dozen photographers looking at something (a sure sign). They said 2 Bald Eagle swooped after them and they both took off. This was the only one left visible. This is a super cropped photo from a very long ways away as you couldn't see him/her with the naked eye. The word was "look for it ears through the lens".. My camera refused to focus that far away on such a small space so this was the best I could do. Still super happy to see an Owl for the first time in the wild... 

Relaxing at home.. Going to sleep in as long as possible.. and just do nothing much at home on Saturday... Hopefully I won't be to sore in the morning   ;-) 

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