By GracieG

Faffing About

I've been playing around with Affinity, the new software I bought ages ago, and has been sitting on my PC mostly unused. I currently use Lightroom & Photoshop Elements but I bought them a while ago and they are old versions and now only available as expensive (to my mind anyway) monthly subscription which is now the only way to get the updates.
Instead I'm trying Affinity which is similar to Elements which I use if I want to do more than Lightroom offers.  It seems reasonably easy to use and you get free updates for life for a very reasonable one-off payment.
(Other software is available...of course).

I haven't faffed around all day though.  I got up to watch the first Formulae 1 Qualifying session from Australia early this morning. It's the first race of the 2019 season annoys me that we have to pay to view it now though...aargh!  It seems to be the way television viewing is going these days, and not everyone can afford it, so is unfair in my's all about money sadly.

I've also made a batch of minestrone soup for the freezer, goodness many vegetables to chop up, but it's good and hearty, so worth it.

Just about to back up my PC next and then tackle a pile of ironing!  Not the most adventurous of days...but I do quite enjoy pottering around at home, especially as it's so cold and windy out.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend all! 

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