Good Timing

Finding we were going stir-crazy indoors, we wrapped up well and braved the gales to go for a walk. At least the lanes were fairly sheltered, and as we passed relatively low slung powerlines, we enjoyed new notes ringing out to vary the generally monotonous racket of the 60mph winds. Gulls and rooks seemed to be enjoying riding the up-draughts and it was nice to see leaf buds opening on hawthorn hedges - there's nothing to match the colour of that early light spring green. (Too blowy to photograph them in focus!)

My Extra shows a vague image of white caps on the distant sea (taken on full zoom) but, as it's Silly Saturday, here's my main blip. Couldn't resist buying this dog toy for the next time we see Master Bug Pugglesworth. It's a belated birthday or Christmas present or - by the time we see him - it will be our grandpug's Easter 'egg'!

The croc was obviously seeking water while we were out, but the basin was dry. Luckily, so are we. It's now pouring with rain. Seems we timed our walk perfectly.

Indoors or out, enjoy your weekend, blipmates!

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