Happy St. Paddy's Day!

On my way home, I stopped off at a spot that I knew an organization tag and care for Trumpeter Swans. The swans are all well cared for and in winter return here for their 'social months'. It is from November to February that swans are busy teaching cygnets and the single swans are looking for a mate.  From the tagging, the Trumpeter Restoration Group, know the social groups - who's who and who is matching up with who. If you spot a Trumpeter, you can call in or send a message and they will tell you how old and the 'name' of the swan (which you are encouraged to do so they can keep track of them.

Although, the hundreds were not at the marina when I was there, there were still a large number, including this lovely cygnet who was 'smiing' often.  In extras is a male Long-tailed Duck. I love their plumage and long tail. I just wish the direction of the sun worked for me so that I could have gotten a better view of his eye.  One Goldeneye male was doing a courtship dance yesterday which I always find amusing. I thought I videotaped it on my Nikon but alas, no.  So annoying.  I did get one male was his head on his back.  By the way, the females relatively near him were not participating....perhaps he was practising  ; )

I could have stayed there all afternoon watching all the ducks frolic but a 2 hr car ride encouraged me to leave.

Back to work I go....have a great week!

D x

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