By tookie

Blue Heron on Blue nest

...on Mono Monday:)

      Crazy goings on....had to replace our roof, our chimney, then our toilet upstairs, then the basement flooded....fixed....all happening as we are preparing for a trip to Pa. and Ohio.  Meeting up with our son and grandson who will fly in next week....we'll take them to Pa. to have our grandson meet his great grandmother.  Our son planned this during Z's spring break and R's mom is 92...We won't be with her but a couple days, but it should be a wonderful connection.  Lots of driving back and forth to family in Ohio ...colder back there so lots of warm things packed!  R goes early am tomorrow and I go the next day as we go to separate states then I collect everyone.  Whew.   
       Posting will be sporatic and commenting probable better.  Thanks for all the lovely comments and sprinkles of stars and hearts.  Love this special blip community.!!!

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