Tea, Your Majesty?

Went to The Photography Show at NEC, Birmingham. It was smaller than in previous years and there were fewer people, although this was the final day.

Neither SmugMug nor Adobe were in attendance.

I went to the Fujifilm stand to hand in two cameras for cleaning. Fran was very helpful. John D spotted me and came over to chat. He looked done in.

I showed them my book on Venice compiled from photos taken with the Fujifilm cameras during the Fujiholics trip in 2017. They made nice noises about it.

Fuji had brought along a set and two models with the theme of Alice in Wonderland. I'm not sure that the Mad Hatter ever served tea to the Red Queen but she looked very glamorous.

Remonstrated with Aspect2i about inaccurate information about timings. Can't say that MP cared a hoot, but his wife Karen gladly accepted a sticky badge from SheClicks, a group set up by Angela Dickinson to stimulate support amongst women photographers which could persuade manufacturers and service providers to think more carefully about what women need to do their photography.

Very pleased with chat on Epson stand. The nice gentleman gave me a wallet of Epson paper samples. I bought two boxes of Smooth Bright White for matte printing. He answered my question about use of black ink on my Stylus Pro 3880 very satisfactorily. 

Also bought the new filter holder from Lee which should be easier to use and finished the day chatting to other SheClicks members. A good day.

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