Pictorial blethers

By blethers


I spent so much time on photos today, uploading a load of my Malta holiday pics to my Flickr stream, that I had no time to think about a Blip till I came home from choir without having taken anything. So this is a bit of an emergency blip, showing a favourite corner of my house. At the foot of the frame is the electronic harpsichord, which is wonderfully authentic-sounding and feels like the real thing but never needs tuning. Resting on it is a cat, a stuffed replica of a heroic cat which was given to me by my family who felt I needed a cat. Their photos rests beside said cat. It has actually fooled several people in its day.

On the wall are two icons - a copy of the Rublev Trinity, and a smaller one that could be St Theodore; I bought them in Crete at different times many years ago. In the centre is a watercolour of one of the angel candlesticks in the Cathedral of The Isles, with the polychromatic tiles behind it, and to its right a pair of tiny mask replicas my parents brought me from a Greek holiday when I was married and no longer going on holiday with them.

So, very much a corner of my life - music, travel, special places, family and memories.

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