The Way I See Things



Admit it - you'll miss them when they're gone. Won't you? Well, I'll definitely miss them when they're gone, and these hairy-footed flower bees have quite short lives, so I can't help but photograph them every time I see them.

Not every plumpie photo I took today showed one with its face in a pulmonaria flower: I also have plumpies eating from ornamental cherry blossom, from dead-nettle, from flowering currant, and from dog-violets - though the photo I really wanted, of a ginger plumpie toning beautifully with a wallflower bloom, eluded me. It's a good thing that they don't limit themselves to pulmonaria, because there are so many of them around now that they'd starve if this was all they were prepared to eat, but they do adore lungwort nectar, and they're easier to sneak up close to when they have their faces buried deep in one of these flowers, so a plumpie on pulmonaria it is.

I did find an really tiny bee for Tiny Tuesday, but less cuddly than the plumpie, so I've relegated that one to Facebook.

Not much else to report today, other than another wedding clothes shopping trip - this one in search of a new suit for R, who takes so much exercise since he retired, and is therefore so sylph-like, that all his old ones are far too big. I'll spare you the tedious details of our morning; suffice it to say that no suit was purchased. This is all beginning to feel a bit like Groundhog Day, but without the fun.

Oh, and I did gardening this afternoon, as well as chasing bees. Eeeurgh.

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