By soozaday


I started a new art class today: Nature Journaling/Textures. Oh boy. Lots of new tools and techniques. My brain is spinning. This shows some of the tools used to make marks; you scratch where you want the white to be. It’s like drawing backwards—gniward.

Concurrently, which I really didn’t plan on, I’m trying to teach myself a couple of apps that are used for making layered photo composites. Another learning curve. Slipping and sliding.

And just to round it out, I’m working on two different knitting projects that have each hit its own big fat wall. Trying to figure out how to rescue a mistake on a patterned hat, and trying to learn short rows for a gorgeous shawl. I’ve about used up what brain power I still have.

And one more: all the books I requested from the library are becoming available in the same week. I always hope the supply and demand thing will keep them spaced out in a decent timeframe, but more often than not I end up with a half dozen novels to read in the allotted three weeks. I’m not gonna make it. I can return them and rerequest the titles, but it will take awhile and then they will probably come in together again. Life is so big and full and wonderful!

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