By WharfedaleBex

Rest day?

Normally day three or four on our trips is dead easy. Trouble is we can't find dead easy here. So, with the car (revelation!), we did our best and found a high mirador just outside the crater and cycled just beyond the cable car station of Teide. It took us back twenty years to rock climbing up there and helping a guy off who fell and broke his ankle. He was dangling, unconscious for a moment, on the end of a rope held by his inexperienced partner who wasn't belayed in. It was quite a pickle but we lent a hand to get them to an open ridge where a helicopter came for him and we then just helped the uninjured guy abseil off.

Today was much less dramatic in events, thankfully, but no less so in scenery. It's an awesome place with roads like bridges crossing endless lava fields.

Rich seems to be getting his fitness back. Always a worry!

I've made friends with a parma ham-eating lizard on the veranda. He may get blipped on our travel day.

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