"Surprise Shapes and Patterns"....

....the theme for Abstract Thursday & big thanks to Ingeborg for the theme and hosting of it. I kept waiting for the sun to come out so I could try some reflections, but my inaccurate weather app kept moving the time for the sun's arrival back further and further. I finally gave up waiting for it and went prowling around in Tom's tools for something else that would work. I opened the top of one of his tool chests, and thought the sockets made a nice choice, as the shapes of the lower row of sockets were reflected in the sockets of the upper rows. It's been a REALLY lazy day for me.....coffee, breakfast, coffee, check the weather app, a little house cleaning, coffee, more checking on the weather app, read for awhile, check the app, 4 snaps on the camera......... My daughter has a late class today so I have to pick Mae up at daycare later; don't know where I'll get the energy after basically sitting on my behind all day! :))))

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