By FergInCasentino

Admittedly obscure ...

... but to the trained eye this photo shows the broken tine (one of two) on my wonderful Bertolini cultivator. I dare say I have been pushing it to the limit in an effort to dig out stone from fallen terraces.

Down at the kit shop I got a new chain put on my Husqvarna chainsaw. Federica said, Blimey, you’ve been working hard to need a new chain already. Ti vedo stanco - literally ‘I see you tired’.

I was after a second encounter with the health service and my suddenly more urgent need to get a health card sorted out. The receptionist, confusingly décolleté, took me through to the back offices to consult her chief. That gave rise to a flurry of photocopying so documents could be sent down the line and up the chain of command to Arezzo.

Then to the Coop and a builder’s yard to get some of the plastic piping bags they use here to do pointing ‘stuccatura’. I had to scrabble around the seats in the car to garner some cash to pay for six at 50c apiece.

Then to Tito for a fixing screw for a window handle. The process for removing the broken screw seemed so complicated that I bought a new handle mechanism instead.

I learnt the incessant NE wind is called the Grecale- the Greek one. Geography nerds will know Greece is well south of Tuscany. Top spotting. But the Grecale was named by someone in Malta - which is SW of Greece. Explained Tito who as a microlight pilot really knows his winds.

I’ve promised to go back to the health office tomorrow. Still waiting to hear the upshot of Theresa’s last supper with the 26.

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