By mishkid

Food and friends

Began the day by all of us walking Zion to school, much to his delight! (Sam, Paul, Allegra and I!). Because we were invited to a Venezuelan family’s for breakfast (their kid is year above Zion at Holland House and their youngest is same year as Allegra but at nursery this morning).

Anyhow, we had a wonderful breakfast of Arrepas with all kinds of fillings. And Allegra made herself só at home she didn’t want to leave!

We did eventually leave to go to All Aboard where she spent the whole time playing with ‘gloop’ (corn flour + water + food colouring + glitter).

Later, after lunch at home, we went to visit Baba at work (pictured, but it is actually a cheat blip as took this a while back!) where we got to meet the new manager - a Brazilian (with Swiss citizenship) that lives in Great Barr and is married to a brummie and has a boy between the ages of my two.

Finally up to date with my blips!

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