By LincolnWarrior

Lights out

Another nice day today but not as sunny. After work this evening I decided to go for a walk around the Cathedral area of the city.I decided to take this photo of a building opposite the cathedral with a tree behind it as I decided it looked effective in mono. The main significant thing about the shot and the reason for the shot is the giant lights you can see at the bottom. These lights normally help light up the Cathedral at night but for the next 9 months  the cathedral is in darkness which is rather strange as I noticed the other night when driving home and you cant see it on the skyline. The reason for this is that all the giant lights are been replaced with LED lights which are more Eco friendly. The old light system was put in installed in 1972. I will look forward to blipping the new light system as it will allow them to light up the Cathedral in different colours. 

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