By sebrose

Lee Scratch Perry

I meet Dave, Magda, and Bos at Summerhall. We’re sitting outside the bar and it’s chilly.

Angus arrives on the Glasgow bus and we head out for food. He puts away a “chicken mega meal” and the best part of a sausage supper as I look on.

Gordon and Derek are now at Summerhall too - waiting for Dundee friends to arrive with tickets. They’re still waiting when we head in and the gig starts.

The Dissection Room is full. The backing band comes on, the music starts, and Lee shuffles onto stage. He’s in traditional bling, dyed red hair, glass of champagne in hand. The crowd sing Happy Birthday - he was 83 yesterday - and pass presents to the stage.

It’s an enjoyable gig, Lee is happy and chatty, and the backing band is solid. There’s a backing tape with keyboards, horns, and backing vocals. Angus says Lee’s studio albums are way better, but it’s good to see him in the flesh.

In the courtyard afterwards the band circulate, chatting. The band are French: Easy Rhythm Makers. Lee emerges wearing a scarlet, fur trimmed robe.

I drop Angus at the bus station. Five minutes later he calls saying he can’t find his ticket. It’s on the floor of the car. I turn around and drop him in the west end, where he just misses the bus. There’s another in 30 minutes, but it drives past. He walks back to the bus station and, finally, starts on his way back to Glasgow.

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