Wall Art - 181

This was slightly out of my way but its a brand new one, and I was keen to get a picture. 

Its called 'Garden Girl' by Bobby McNamara.

Its in a community garden which was locked up.  I was prepared for that. I then walked around the perimeter but couldn't find a way in or anywhere to squeeze my camera through.  It even took me a while to find the mural.  Then I came actoss  a narrow brick wall I was able to climb on and lean in to get a picture. Only the one angle I could get it from so had to include those white sacks and parking cones.  

The wall was opposite a bus stop so I waited for the busy bus to pull away as I didn't want them all watching me when I fell off the wall.  But fortunately I didn't fall anyway!

ps.  Northern lights are expected to be visible from most of Scotland this weekend depending on the weather.

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