By Missycat

Abstract Thursday195 All at Sea

Today was another at sea as we sail towards our last port of call, the Cayman Islands.  we did have rather a busy day planned, for me starting with yet another treatment in the spa and after that we and our friends met the cruise coordinator  to discuss our next cruising adventure.  We don't plan for this to be until 2021 as next year we are hoping to do something rather different.  This evening was the last of our gala nights which meant getting out the glad rags for the last time on this voyage.
I'm sure you'll understand then why I had limited time to seek out a subject for today's AT challenge  and this does not really fulfill the brief , although I think that you can see patterns in the swirling waters of the ship's wake...if you look very closely!
My apologies now for having been so very bad in looking at journals and responding to all your lovely comments and stars.  The internet is tricky on board ship  and some days it has been all that I can do to upload my daily image

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