Friday Cosmo

If it is Friday there must be Cosmo in my diary. She has seen quite a bit of me this week, this is the third day we have been out together. As usual we went down to the wood. It was very windy though not particularly cold. Cosmo was not bothered by the wind though I was well protected. Once or twice I thought it might rain, but luckily it the rain held off.

In the afternoon we had a visitor from Glasgow. Cosmo is not always very forthcoming with visitors but today she was on her best behaviour and was friendly.

The picture is a composite, A picture of the wood and Cosmo from another picture while we were in the park. She is probably slightly larger than natural size in this composition, but I did not want to make her too small. I noticed the trees here on either side of the path form an arch. It is not quite as obvious in the picture as it was in reality..

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