By Bradders

Quokka Poo

The hostel partied late last night it was a mess when I woke up. Got the 0910 ferry to Rottnest with Damien from the hostel, bikes were included so we picked those up too.

Spent the day cycling around the island, stopping on beaches, swimming, climbing... It really is an idyllic little island. We saw snakes and spiders and fish all over, but what the island is most famous for are quokkas! Absolutely fearless little creatures, possibly stupid, they are incredibly curious, they happily climb all over you. I'll probably update this photo with one Damien took later.

It was such a nice place, a bit windy on the way back and we were quite tired from the whole day in the sun, I fell asleep on the ferry.

Job applications and movie night in the evening.

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