Listening Intently To His Words ...

Eric, Aaron and I went out this afternoon, Kieran didnt want to come as he was out with his friends so we went to one of our special places where we used to take the boys when they were younger. It was great fun walking around and talking about the old ruins.

When the boys were younger we used to spend alot of weekends and hours at this place having picnics, playing in the stream in their boat and climbing trees.

I was busy taking photographs of the beautiful surrounding view while Eric and Aaron went on a hilltop, I noticed Eric was pointing here and there and Aaron was listening intently.

It was a lovely afternoon out, I tried to take some photographs of some catkins but Eric and Aaron tied me up with some tape haha so I couldnt take any photographs of them.

They were so naughty, it was a great and fun packed afternoon.

Thankyou Eric and Aaron for a great afternoon

Loves Ya Loads

Tracey and Mum


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